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I took my dog to the weekend clinic on Sunday for shots and not many people were in front of me. The girl at the desk was very friendly helpful and knowledgeable. They had peanut butter in the room as a treat to divert the whole shot in the butt and nose issue and everything went well. I got an email with the receipt and a vax proof document other than the collar tag. It was a great experience and everyone did a great job!
Melissa N.

I just want to thank MaryEllen for taking care of my pets. She’s awesome! Love the way she handles my situation in every visit, love the fact she’s passionate in what she does. Overall makes me feel comfortable. You’re the best!☺

Brenda P.

I think Downtown Animal for being so personable and caring for myself and my animals. Thanks to Marissa and all the team at Downtown Animal Care—thank you! Just letting you know you’re highly appreciated.
Sam C.

I have been going to this vet for several years. All the staff there are caring and very helpful and honest. I would recommend this vet to my friends and family and everyone else that is looking for honesty on prices and care of their animals.
Lupe V.

I had an excellent experience today! Awesome staff. Marissa was very helpful.

Christina E.

Dr. Thompson has, on several occasions, given me solid advice, for my dogs. Kind and professional. Could not recommend enough.
Jesse G.

Dr. Thompson has given me great advice related to cat care several times, she is very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you!

Tad B.

I have been going to this clinic for around 18 years with my dogs and son’s cat. The staff are so kind and caring! Amanda the office manager resolved a small misunderstanding and she is so professional and Customer Service Friendly! Today I was in with Biscuit (one of my little rescue dogs) and with all of the uncertainty of Covid 19 the visit went Very Well! Kazze was so loving to my little dog and Dr. U is really appreciated for her dedication, caring and kindness. I appreciate this office and Dr. Ed for taking care of my animals!
Thank You Again and Again

Shelly A.

You gave my Nala the best care she has had in a long time she is happy and sleeping like a puppy. I can’t thank all of you enough she has not chewed on her paws for more than hour that’s amazing. Thank you so much.
Liz R.

We are so pleased that we found Dr. Ed Umlauf, who is an orthopedic surgeon that works out of this clinic. Not only did he determine that our dog didn’t need a TPLO (which costs a lot more), but he figured out what she really needed while doing the surgery and charged us a LOT less than others would! He even skips a consultation visit prior to surgery to save his patients money and does that the day of the surgery. He is also very personable and called us almost every day after the surgery to check on our dog’s progress. If we lived closer to the clinic, we would definitely consider using them as our vet!
Sam F.

How’s those two baby puppies that I brought in ? The little black one is doing really good. You guys were wonderful, The staff is helpful and friendly. Thanks ladies. !! And good job!!!!!
Dana K.

I am so thankful for Dr. Brooks and her team for the medical attention they gave my CHICO after a set of  IV- fluids with meds, 3 different medications given to take home. He was able to come home and receive lots of love and continue his care to help with his recovery. He still needs treatment but does look a little better. Thank you Dr.Brooks and the staff that cared for our CHICO BOY. Plus I revived many calls from the front desk staff asking how the furry family member was doing Thank you for the compassion you gave ME & MY CHICO. I would like to give a special THANKS to the staff young lady that took the time to talk to me & calm me down after seeing me cry uncontrollably for my CHICO. She put herself in my shoes after sharing how she just had to put her furry love down and shared a little of her situation. I realized how lucky I still was to have him and get him the needed treatment to make him feel better “Thank you!!! I will take him in on Monday for his appointment to continue with treatment. My family appreciate all of you tremendously ❤XOXOX
Emma H.

Downtown Animal Care Center is great! My Shiba Inu had an inverted vulva which caused her to have UTI’s all the time. The vets at DACC performed an episioplasty on her in January of 2017 and she has not had another UTI since!! She was in and out of surgery the same day, and she recovered so quickly and is so much happier and healthy now. Not to mention it was very reasonably priced and they take Care Credit which lets me pay my bill off in increments with no interest. Thanks for helping my pup!!
Kathleen W.

Such a great and friendly animal care center. The Vets are amazing and really do care about your pet. I was just in there and was really impressed with their service. Even though I had an apt. and had to wait 45 min, the Vet that helped me with my dog (Charlie) made up for it. Our pets are our babies and you want to make sure they get the best care and I really feel like my dog gets that here. Keep up the great work! 🙂
Jodi L.

My dogs have been coming here since they were born , and they have always been well taken care of during their visits I like the staff and the vets . They always handle the things that need to be handled with my pets and our needs 🙂 I’ve also recommended this Clinic for other pet owners I know!
Bobby G.

Dr. Cordiero was top notch. Extremely knowledgeable about my dog’s procedure and willing to take the extra time to explain everything to me in detail. It meant the world to me know that my dog was in kind and capable hands. Thank you! Pricing was ultra- reasonable. I highly recommend DACC!
Richard W.

This is a fantastic vet! We go here for everytging from shots to getting our dogs neutered. Their shot clinic is very cheap and the techs really know what they are doing. Above all else they are super cheap.
Katie W.

Love this place! So many sweet people who have helped take care of my sweetie, Luna! Dr. Ed, Amber and Vanessa have all been sooo amazing and gone above and beyond for me and my little nugget! Thank you!!!
Amy A.

Last Wednesday I unexpectedly had to put my sweet baby girl Scout to sleep. They were able to schedule an appointment the same day and were very understanding that we were late to the appointment due to being caught in traffic due to an accident. They handled us and Scout with compassion and made an awful situation a little easier. We received her remains yesterday along with a well done paw print in the shape of a heart with her name on it. It is so hard losing a family member and they let us take the time we needed to say goodbye. Thank you for your kindness, compassion and understanding. It meant the world to us.
Michelle R.

Beautiful place! Staff is always friendly, informative and amazing. Pricing is affordable and I know my fur babies are in good hands 💞
Jenn S.

Amazing staff. Affordable care. DACC continues to be huge supporter of our work with our rescued dogs and cats from the reservations. We are very thankful to be in partnership with them!
Angela C.

Great staff up front, and excellent medical staff in the back. They saved my amazing cat Sousa. They made it easy and it was affordable.
Ray B.

DACC has the best vet techs and doctors in Denver! They are affordable and care about your pet, I won’t trust my dogs with any other vets!
Kelly B.

Dr. Cordeiro did a fantastic job spaying our 6 month old puppy, Luna. The surgery site is the least invasive I have ever seen, and she’s recovering remarkably. Thanks for a perfect outcome!
Rhonda G.

Thank you so much for taking care of my Gigi, I’m glad I can leave 5 stars. You guys are pretty cool
Vegas X.

I have been going to this vet clinic for 16 years. They always go over and beyond to help me out and even help settle me down when I am freaking out lol. Great group of people to work with. They are a high volume clinic and deal with a lot of cranky people, but they can still smile and that says a lot. Their job is not an easy one even though some people think it is. Just wanted to say I appreciate you guys!!
Tiffany O.

This place is great! I checked out a ton of different clinics when looking for a place to get my rabbit neutered and they had by far the best price! They told me over the phone that it would be $90 and when I picked him up I expected there to be some additional charges for medication or other things but there wasn’t any! It was a straight charge which is just incredible! Most of the other clinics I called were charging 120-250 for a rabbit neuter, what?! Yes the location isn’t in a great part of town and the staff that seems a little newer could work on their customer service just a tad but the tech I spoke to was so sweet and knowledgeable! They called me the next day to make sure that he was doing well and everything! Overall I had a great experience with them and I have a happy and healthy bunny at home 🙂
Hailey R.

Awesome people who really care for your furry kids
Brenda B.

great loving people caring for my furbabies!!! love these people!!!
Sue B.

Low cost but high quality treatment. I am so thankful for this clinic. We could not have been able to afford our dogs surgery without them. They are all so kind and knowledgeable. Awesome place! God bless them.
Kimberly J.

I had to put my beloved cat Besito down this weekend and they gave my family and I as much time as we needed to say goodbye. The vet was incredibly compassionate and gentle. He thanked us for being present through the process. I will never forget the care and love they showed for our four-legged friend on his final day.
Raquel G.

I had an excellent experience with this facility and it’s staff. My dog needed a TPLO sugary and everywhere else charged way more and kept changing their prices. This place has the best vet doctor for that and so kind not to mention the best price that never changed. Thanks to Dr. Ed my dog lived for several years after and recovered quickly and was acting like a puppy again! I would recommend this place to anyone.
Valerie K.

Please note this is only a walk in vaccine clinic on Sundays. This wasn’t clear to us, so we brought out dog in who had been minorly attacked my a dog that day. Although there wasn’t much they could do for us, they did do what they could and were extremely helpful, compassionate and understanding. Would definitely come back here for the correct services!
Bethany A.

We recently visited and had the BEST experience. Everyone there was so friendly and helpful – we are new puppy parents and they were willing to answer our questions thoroughly and even gave us some tips on how to help with training. Dr. Perez was so helpful and the technician was as well! You can tell they really care about the health of the pets they see and are animal lovers. Not only were they great with customer service and care but they walked us through what everything would cost and everything was incredibly reasonable. We had tried a previous vet and already got some of our pup’s vaccines and they were upfront and honest that the payment plan bundle they have for puppies may not be cost effective because of what we have already done (although if we wouldn’t began there it would’ve been amazing!) – instead of pushing it on us because it would make them more money! Loved this place.

I highly recommend it. (if you can’t tell)

Ashtyn L.

We love this vet! They really care about your animal, are very cost conscious, and are very accommodating.
They have appointments with vet techs OR veterinarians. The former usually for vaccinations, the latter for other concerns. We have found this to be very convenient and cost effective.
In regards to costs, they explain fees before, during, and after all appointments, and allow you to decide what is best for your pet. While I would give my right arm to keep my dog healthy, it’s nice to know I don’t need to!
We’ve enjoyed this center and staff for about a year now, and will continue to return!
Stephanie H.

We brought our fur baby Leo in as an emergency. Dr Cotter saw Leo and spent nearly 3 hours diagnosing him and trying to find the best course of treatment for our sweet pup. We are hopeful that we can get him back to good health but I know that without Dr Cotter’s kind, patient and thorough evaluation of Leo we would not be feeling as optimistic as we are. Dr Cotter also sees my daughters dog Luke, I just can not say enough how much we love this Vet, and his Vet Tech as well. His love for our older babies and his willingness to go above and beyond to find answers is priceless to us. Thank you Dr Cotter and staff for all you do for our loved ones!!!!
Mimi, Phil, & Amanda S.

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